Bowman Eagles Flying Club

Bowman Eagles was established in January, 2003 as a Kentucky non-profit corporation for the purpose of furthering the advancement and improvement of aviation and aeronautical skills of its members through the more efficient use of resources. In addition to providing its members with aircraft for their personal transportation and recreation, Bowman Eagles promotes aviation with young people primarily through the EAA Young Eagles program.


We believe flying “taildraggers” will make you a better pilot. The majority of today’s pilots have gained 100% of their experience in tricycle gear planes. Many have expressed an interest in flying a “taildragger” but find difficulty in locating a rental plane and qualified instructor. Bowman Eagles fills this need.

As additional planes are added to the Bowman Eagles fleet they will be “taildraggers”

You will find special pleasure in flying in and out of the many grass strips in the area.